Do you want to host a screening of TIME TO DRAW THE LINE in your local cinema?
You can! By using a simple on-line service called DEMAND.FILMS. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s easy and it’s a great way to start a conversation in your local area!
This type of event is what we call ‘Cinema on Demand’. You ‘demand’ that TIME TO DRAW THE LINE plays at a cinema in your area, and if enough people also want to see the film (and a minimum of 40-50 tickets are sold) – the session goes ahead.
If the minimum number of tickets are not sold a week before the screening, nobody loses out! Credit cards are not charged until the threshold is met.
As the promoter of the event, you can organise the event however you like (i.e. it could be a fundraiser, you could hold a Q&A and/or have guest speakers).
While these screenings are open to the public, it is essentially hosted and driven by you.
To find out how you can organise a cinema screening near you visit:

Thanks for being a conversation starter in your community!